Get real-time feedback to improve customer and employee satisfaction!

Easy to deploy

Create your account, turn-on your web survey online and get qualitative feedback from your customers, visitors or employees.

Smartphone Survey

Great to capture emotion’s in the moment and a high response rate. Click 1 out of 5 smiley-face icons to answer a short survey question and leave a comment.

Immediate Call-to-Action

Be alerted immediately when you receive low scores so you can solve problems, contact the survey respondents and turn unhappy people into happy.

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Modern, easy, effective way to collect feedback

Your customers or employees scan a QR code or can access the survey through the WIFI! A short real-time survey appears immediately on their mobile phones!

Know what to improve at the right time

Your customers or employees respond to a short question about their satisfaction level and can leave a constructive comment about their experience.

Positively influence your customer or employee experiences

You can contact them to resolve any issues reported or thank them for their feedback!

Trusted by smart Businesses

For People & Culture

“Capture anonymous and ongoing feedback from your team to uncover pain points and get instantly a pulse of your employee engagement level. Develop action plans to address their concerns and follow-up. Improve the service culture of your company".

For Retail

“Understand how your visitors and shoppers feel by measuring their experiences in your store! Assess your shop staff’s satisfaction, identify all areas to improve and take actions with your team”.

For Hotels

“Gauge in real-time how your customers feel after their checks-in. Reach unhappy customers before they check-out and prevent them to write bad reviews on internet. Identify quickly problems areas, and take service recovery steps”.