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Your digital survey ready to use in minutes! Generate real reviews, in real time, to impact your reputation and increase your revenue.

Smartphone surveys

Boost your volume of feedback. Your customers click on a smiley face to answer a question, leave a comment or share their reviews online!


Get real-time notifications as soon as you receive low ratings so you can contact your customers to solve issues. Connect and impress them by responding fast!

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Giving feedback is easy and safe!

Your customers leave their feedback from their mobile phones with a contactless technology! By scanning QR codes, clicking a weblink or accessing our short digital surveys as part of the WIFI login process!

Know what to improve at the right time!

Get insights about what your customers like or dislike, and take quick actions to reduce negative reviews on internet. Track your performances through automated-intelligent reports!

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Industries we work with!

Human Resources

“Capture anonymous and continuous feedback from your teams to uncover pain points and get instantly a Pulse of your employee engagement level. Develop action plans to improve the service culture of your company".

Retail Industry

“Understand how your visitors feel by measuring their experiences in your store or after their shoppings! ANYTIME Feedback offers you a powerful marketing tool to connect with your customers”.

Hotel Industry

“Gauge in real-time how your customers feel after their checks-in. Reach unhappy customers before they check-out and prevent them to write bad reviews on internet. Identify quickly problems areas, and take service recovery steps”.